Ningbo Tianyin Electric Co.,Ltd. The company specialized in hose clamps with wide range of wide range of the galvanized and stainless steel hose clamps of American type, British type, Germany type; copper fittings which including copper Tee, elbow, coupling, cap, union etc and other metal products. The products of the company are mainly used in the connection part of oil, gas or liquid pipes of auto, tractor, ship, gasoline engine, diesel engine, and sprinkler machine. They are the necessary connection parts for various pipes.
Pipe Clamps, Hose Clamps
Hose Clamp, Band Clamp
Band Clamp
Hose Clamp, T Bolt Clamp
T Bolt Clamp
Hose Clamp, Quick Clamp
Quick Clamp
Hose Clamp, Special Clamp
Special Clamp
Hose Clamp, V Clamp
V Clamp
Hose Clamp, Tube Clamp
Tube Clamp
Hose Clamp, Heavy Duty Clamp
Heavy Duty Clamp
Hose Clamp, No Hub Coupling
No Hub Coupling
Hose Clamp, Flexible Coupling
Flexible Coupling
Hose Clamp, Rubber Cushion Clamp
Rubber Cushion Clamp
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Ningbo Tianyin Electric Co.,Ltd. ( Pipe Clamps ) Pipe Clamp, Pipe Coupling, Hose Clamp, Clamps, Made in China.
Manufacturer/Factory. Wholesale hose clamp, pipe clamp, clamps, tube clamp, band clamp, stainless steel clamp, quick release clamp, cable clamp, spring clamp, exhaust clamp, wire clamp, t bolt clamp, heavy duty clamp, worm drive hose clip, coupling, fittings and more.